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Suddenlink vs. Spectrum: Which should you choose?

Suddenlink vs. Spectrum, which service provider is better at providing you the best entertainment experience?


Deciding which Internet, television, and phone provider you want to do business with can be a bit of a grueling task. It requires much research of various telecommunications companies in your area. What makes this process more complicated is the fact that there are so many different options and bundles to choose from. To make this decision easier for you, we have broken down the details pertaining to services provided by both Suddenlink and Spectrum. 


Similarities between both services

Suddenlink and Spectrum both offer reliable services at competitive costs. They each promote a very low rate to new customers during their first year of services, but then it increased once the introductory period is over. In addition, they both offer their services at impressive speeds for a competitive cost. Both companies promote an extremely low rate to new customers for the first year of service and then the rate increases after the initial 12-month introductory period.* There are no contracts and no termination fees. Also, both will let you use your own modem. On average, both services hover around $45 per month and there is no data cap. Fortunately for customers, this means overage fees and service slowdowns are never a risk. Both their customer review rankings appear to be within the same league. 


What are some key differences?

Although both Suddenlink and Spectrum offer a variety of bundles, the key difference is that Suddenlink offers over 100 channels more. In addition, Suddenlink offers more bandwidth than Spectrum for nearly the same price. Suddenlink offers 200 Mbps for $24.99/month or 400 Mbps for $44.99/month. Spectrum offers 400 Mbps for $50 per month or 1 GB for $109.99 per month for two years.


How is the Internet?

Suddenlink and Spectrum both offer fiber Internet in available locations. Suddenlink charges $44.99 per month for 400 Mbps whereas Spectrum charges $50 per month for the same speed. If you want quicker Internet, Suddenlink's 1 Gig  (940 Mbps) Unlimited plan is $54.99 per month whereas Spectrum typically charges $109.99 per month for 1 GB.


Suddenlink Spectrum
100 Mbps for $24.99/month N/A
200 Mbps for $34.99/month N/A
400 Mbps for $44.99/month 400 Mbps for $49.99/month
940 Mbps for $54.99/month Unlimited for $109.99/month


What television packages do they offer?

Suddenlink offers Basic TV, which has 50+ channels for $24/month, Core TV which includes 200+ channels for $54/month. Select TV which has 290+ channels for $69/month and lastly Premier TV which offers 340+ channels plus HBO Max for $89/month.

Spectrum offers free HD, free Primetime on Demand, and 125 channels for $44.99/month, 175 channels for for $74.99/month and 200 channels for $94.99/month for the first 12 months. You can also pay additional for premium channels such as HBO Max, Showtime, etc. 


What about mobile plans?

Altice, the brand that owns Suddenlink, offers plans starting at $14/month for 1 GB of data, $22/month for 3 GB, and $45/month for unlimited data per individual line. There is no multi-line commitment.

1 GB for $14/month 1 GB for $14/month
3 GB for $22/month 3 GB for $42/month
Unlimited for $45/month Unlimited for $45/month


Spectrum mobile has similar offers which include $14/GB for their data plan or $45/line for unlimited data.


Do they offer home phone services?

Suddenlink offers Internet and television bundles that also include a home telephone, this is the most affordable option if you need all three services. Otherwise, you can add a home phone option to any bundle for $29.95/month. Spectrum offers home voice for $12.99/month when you bundle it with any of their television and/or Internet services.


What types of bundles do they have?

Suddenlink offers several bundles such as Internet 100, Basic TV, and Phone for $58.99/month, Internet 400 Unlimited Data, Core TV, and Phone for $108.99/month, and Internet 1 Gig Unlimited Data, Core TV, and Phone for $118.99/month. All the Core TV bundles include 200+ channels. In addition, they have bundles to choose from that include only two services in case you are not interested in Internet, TV, and a home phone.

Spectrum allows you to bundle Spectrum TV for $44.99/month, Spectrum Internet for $49.99/month and Spectrum Voice for $12.99/month during the introductory 12-month period.


Pop art girl surprised by all the deals on internet services


Is Suddenlink or Spectrum an overall better value?

Suddenlink offers the the lowest prices for similar speeds to what Spectrum offers. For example, Suddenlink offers a 400 Mbps Internet deal which costs $44.99 per month, whereas Spectrum offers 400 Mbps for $49.99/month. If you need quicker Internet, Suddenlink offers 940 Mbps Internet for $54.99 per month whereas Spectrum offers 940Mbps for $109.99 per month. As for mobile providers, Suddenlink is the most cost-efficient option if you are only interested in 3 GB since Spectrum charges a flat rate of $14 per GB. This equates to $28 for 3 GB as opposed to Altice which only charges $22 per month for a similar plan.


Which service should I choose?

When it comes to availability, Suddenlink services an estimated 6.8 million people in nineteen states. Spectrum has more coverage as they are currently located in over 41 U.S. States. Yes, Spectrum currently has a larger footprint, but Suddenlink offers localized support combined with reliability, quick speeds, and more competitive prices for Internet, television, and phone services.

*Data as of 06/03/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


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